Break the cycle of homelessness and violence

You can make a difference. Together, we can rewrite the stories of countless young lives, offering them the chance to thrive and flourish in a world free from violence and homelessness. 

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could provide phone credit or a transport go card to connect with critical homelessness and domestic and family violence services.
could purchase nappies and a change of clothes for the child of a young parent fleeing domestic and family violence.
could provide a session of antenatal or postnatal care for a young woman at our free to access medical clinic.
could buy groceries and essential baby items for a pregnant young woman or new parent in need, who might otherwise be forced to choose between buying food and nappies or paying rent.

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Brisbane Youth Service Tax Appeal 2024

My name is Laura and I’m a Senior Family Support Worker at Brisbane Youth Service.  

Every day I meet young women and children who have witnessed and experienced more than any child or young person should ever endure.

Experiencing homelessness is highly traumatising at any age. But when I see parents with very young children, my heart aches for those who are too little to understand the complexities and context of what’s going on around them.

There’s one particularly heartbreaking moment that has stuck with me.

I was in a session with a little one, under the supervision of their mum. We were role playing using hand puppets, which allows the child to speak through their actions when words can be scary or hard to find.

They used the puppet to represent themselves, and through the session the child showed the puppet experiencing signs of extreme distress and anguish.

They acted out violence and aggression towards their own puppet, experiences that no small child should ever be familiar with.

As the support worker, I created a safe space for their emotions – acknowledging their fear, their feeling of being under attack and their confusion.

Through gentle guidance and connection, we navigated through the storm together, until finally, the strong feelings subsided, and the child whispered, “You're okay now, let's play with the playdough.”

The reasons children and young families experience homelessness are complex and varied; however, domestic and family violence is the number one cause of homelessness for young people we meet.

Our data shows that young parents are much more likely to report experiencing intimate partner violence, compared to those who aren’t parents.

And sadly, their children are more likely to face homelessness as adults too.

Without intervention, this is the reality we face – a cycle of violence and homelessness that continues through generations.

With your support, we can break the cycle of violence and homelessness, changing the futures of vulnerable young women and children.

I remember being temporarily housed in a motel with my little boy. Looking around, I realised this was the same motel I'd stayed in with my mum when I was a kid, seeking refuge from my physically abusive father.”

- Young mother supported by Brisbane Youth Service

Did you know, 1 in 4 young people supported by Brisbane Youth Service are parents with small children or new babies?

Please donate today to break the cycle of violence and homelessness. You can help provide safety and stability for vulnerable young parents before it's too late.

Youth Homelessness DV Brisbane Youth Service

Homelessness and DFV

Family violence and intimate partner violence are leading causes of homelessness for young people in Australia. Yet many young people experiencing violence do not seek help.

Young people may not identify being in DFV relationships as violence has been their norm. They are often entering their first serious relationships, and their early attachment trauma and exposure to violence is then playing out in their intimate partner relationships.

Young parents often come to Brisbane Youth Service for support with other intersectional issues, such as risk of homelessness. This provides an opportunity for our Young Women, Families and Safe Relationships program to intervene with specialist DFV supports to break the cycle of violence.

From emergency accomodation to housing, counselling, parenting groups, and violence prevention programs, we support vulnerable young parents to build strong families and new, brighter futures.

About Brisbane Youth Service

Since 1977, Brisbane Youth Service has worked to create #NewFutures for young people and young families at risk or experiencing homelessness.

We provide free, confidential services including crisis and transitional housing, emergency relief, physical and mental health services, alcohol and drug interventions, domestic and family violence support, and specialist programs for young women and young families.

We meet young people at a crucial time of great need – but also a great opportunity for early intervention supports.

As a community, if we want to break the cycle of homelessness we must ensure young people can access crucial services when they need them. Even with brief support from BYS, most young people can overcome difficulties, move out of crisis, and achieve life goals.