Wednesday 7 August 2024

Step up and dress down this Daggy Jumper Day to raise money for young people doing it tough!


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How to get involved!

Rug up in a daggy jumper, silly sweater, or hideous hoodie to raise money to help young people find safe housing and build better, brighter futures.


Set up an individual fundraising page and encourage your loved ones to donate or join the fundraising efforts in a team. 

Get Daggy at School

Get your school community involved with a daggy jumper free dress day! A gold coin donation can go a long way. 

Get Daggy at Work

Your workplace can sponsor a day of daggy delights, swapping the suit for a sweater one day at the office!

No time to get your community involved?

No problem, you can support Daggy Jumper Day by donating directly to Brisbane Youth Service.

About Daggy Jumper Day

Your effort can make a big impact

The eye-catching event is one of Brisbane Youth Service’s major annual campaigns, with donations used to support young people and young families experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Brisbane Youth Service is experiencing the highest demand for help in its 47-year history, with skyrocketing living costs and a dire shortage of affordable housing driving more young people to the organisation.

By dressing down this #DaggyJumperDay, you can help Brisbane’s largest youth service support a growing number of young people in need. 



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Make a difference for young people like Ollie

"During my time at BYS, my confidence has skyrocketed, and my mental health has also greatly improved. I am so grateful to have a space that I feel comfortable enough in to call home.

I have spent just over a year in Phoenix House so far, and the workers there have been nothing short of amazing. They were there for every query and concern I had along the way and helped me look for answers and solutions for every single one of them, no matter how small they might seem."



About Brisbane Youth Service

Since 1977, Brisbane Youth Service has worked to create #NewFutures for young people and young families at risk or experiencing homelessness.

We provide free, confidential services including crisis and transitional housing, emergency relief, physical and mental health services, alcohol and drug interventions, domestic and family violence support, and specialist programs for young women and young families.

We meet young people at a crucial time of great need – but also a great opportunity for early intervention supports.

As a community, if we want to break the cycle of homelessness we must ensure young people can access crucial services when they need them. Even with brief support from BYS, most young people can overcome difficulties, move out of crisis, and achieve life goals.